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No Vacation Necessary: The Best Bay Area Summer…

If you’re skipping a summer vacation to house hunt while the competition is less intense, fear not: There are plenty of events to entertain you all around the Bay Area. Learn more on the Pacific Union blog. (Photo: iStock/Andrew Cribb)
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San Francisco is Spending $70,000 to Rebrand…

The East Cut? A neighborhood in San Francisco’s Financial District is now being billed as the city’s newest hip enclave. (Photo: Melia Robinson/Business Insider) San Francisco is Spending $70,000 to Rebrand… San Francisco has a new neighborhood: The East Cut.
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SF Planners OK Market-Van Ness Condo High-Rise

The San Francisco Planning Commission approved a 40-story, 304-unit tower and public plaza on the northwest corner of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue. With quote from Alan Mark from The Mark Company. (Photo: SF Chronicle) SF Planners OK Market-Van
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Stunning, Simple Maps Show San Francisco vs….

In wonderfully simple map form, see how San Francisco’s odd street pattern compares to other global cities. (Photo: Courtesy Geoff Boeing) Stunning, Simple Maps Show San Francisco vs…. Geoff Boeing, a PhD student at UC Berkeley, took a slice of
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