San Francisco’s Housing Market Is So Dire That…


How tough is San Francisco’s housing market? Renters are paying more than $1K to crash in converted living rooms. (Photo: Jeff Chiu, Associated Press)

San Francisco’s Housing Market Is So Dire That…

HomeShare, a startup based in San Francisco, converts living rooms in above-market-rate buildings into bedrooms so tenants can save on rent. The company pockets a cut of the rent, like a finder’s fee. Each of HomeShare’s customers gets their own bedroom, a closet, and a private or shared bathroom. Prices start at $1,125 a month. In San Francisco, desperate renters are finding their real-estate bliss in converted living rooms that lease for as little as $1,125 a month. Because elbow room is an overrated amenity. HomeShare is a startup that leases apartments in expensive new buildings and splices them into additional units, so more tenants can split the rent for less per person.

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